About Us

  • Elite Young Athletes of San Angelo is a YEAR-ROUND training and conditioning program for kids age 6 through 12.
  • Our mission is to help kids develop and grow into stronger, faster, more conditioned athletes. Progress doesn't come easy, but we know that hard work and dedication always pays off. If your kid gives us 100%, we guarantee results!
  • We focus on core principles such as speed, strength, agility and endurance because these are essential to have in any sport or activity.
  • We want our talented young athletes to be dedicated, motivated and hungry for success.
  • We teach them never to give up, because no battle is won with a weak heart. We also teach team building for those battles that cannot be fought alone.
  • We stand behind our athletes and encourage them to do their best. Building confidence is key, as they are too young to be motivated by the mere "potential" of what could be.

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